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Upload: March 22, 2019
Updated: March 22, 2019 at 4:36 pm
File Size: 50MB (v1.0.1)
Category : Arcade, Game
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Auto Chess Legends Apk Mod Closed Alpha 03/22/2019

Auto Chess Legends is an online mobile game project that plays a game similar to DotA Auto Chess developed by Suga Studio.

Auto Chess Legends

If you are reeling from the “Human Flag” on your PC or are looking forward to the original Auto Chess Mobile release, right now a popular game developed by Vietnamese people called Auto Chess Legends is waiting for you discover it!

Thereby the game allows players to form a team of up to 10 generals to battle with 7 other players to become the ultimate winner. Of course each player’s stage will be like an 8 × 8 chess board and instead of using chess pieces, the player will use generals divided into several races, character classes and combat abilities. completely separate. However, the most outstanding feature is the image of “chicken” as the first career which is clearly shown in this game.

It is expected that the game will soon launch a trial version right in this March 2019.
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