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CamToPlan PRO application can help you turn your phone into a virtual gauge that can measure the distance or size of real-life objects through the camera phone. CamToPlan is currently in the # 1 Utilities App on Play Store and Appstore. Although it is a paid app, you will find the CamToPlan PRO quite worthy. We provide the APK file of the app so you can download and install it easily with just a few clicks.

CamToPlan PRO APK – # 1 Utilities App on Android

Measuring distance, surface and draft your plan in seconds with CamToPlan. With the app, you can export your data to PDF, PNG or DXF files and manage folders. CamToPlan PRO is an upgrade version of the application including some premium features, and it has completely removed the ads. CamToPlan is revolutionary thanks to virtual reality technology. You can measure anything from the video, photos taken from the camera phone like the long table, the floor, the size of the furniture, the carpet… without having a lot of manipulations. Eventually, using this application is simpler and faster than using a ruler or laser distance meter.

Furthermore, CamToPlan can immediately calculate the area (square meters or square feet) and draw the layout of the room with all the detailed measurements. You can share your results via Email, SMS … with one touch. CamToPlan Pro supports exporting into popular formats like PNG, PDF…

In addition, you can discover the essential innovation for all professionals, architects, decorators… You can also refer to some other distance measuring software on Android such as AR MeasureKit, EasyMeasure.

Note: CamToPlan can only measure the distance horizontally (zero to the ground) and cannot measure the height.

Supported languages in the application include English, Vietnamese, Czech, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Greek, Dutch, Korean, Indonesian, Malay, Russian, Japanese, French, Slovak, Thailand, Turkish, Swedish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Danish, German.


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