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Color Road (By Voodoo) MOD Removed ADS for Android

After many successes arcade games such as Helix Jump, Stack Jump, Snake vs Block …, which are simple and unique. VOODOO has gradually affirmed its name and showed its infinite creativity. The game development criteria of VOODOO are simple, easy to play and attractive. Their games do not need to have the complicated operations or precious graphics, the company satisfy the players for its highly entertaining feature, easy-to-understand and simple. Color Road is such a game, which has just released by VOODOO.


Color Road is Voodoo’s latest game, in which you will control a color ball on an endless road. On the road, there will be lots of different color shades. Your task is controlling the ball impacting other balls with the same color and avoiding the ball with the different color. It sounds easy, but to achieve a high score, you must be able to recognize very good colors and have fast response.

The speed of the ball will increase from time to time and the challenge will be very difficult. Your ball will constantly change color when passing through the triangular colorful barrier corresponding. In addition, the farther you move, the more ball colors on the road that are stacked alternately, or moving randomly. If you do not respond quickly, your ball will impact on them and you will have to play from the beginning.

Control and unlock

The game is still maintaining the same tradition as the other Voodoo games. Color Road still brings comfort to the in-game control system. In which, the players only need to use a finger, touch the screen, swipe left or right. Surely, you can play Color Road with one hand. Without IAP packages, Color Road only uses in-game ads to make a profit. You can pay $ 0.99 to buy the Non-ads version, or turn off the network connection for removing the advertising. There are two things that you can unlock and explore in the game: Skin and Road, which are unlocked when you reach the required number of points. In general, they do not affect gameplay and does not make you bored of playing games for a long time.


In terms of graphics, the action game Color Road is simply designed, consisting of endless paths and colorful balls. The color of the lines or the background is also changed constantly to enhance the gaming experience. The game is quite stable and smooth with attractive music.


Generally, Color Road is an arcade game that has fun and simple gameplay from VOODOO. In the game, you just control the colorful balls on the endless path, hit the same color balls and avoid the different colored balls to try to go the furthest, scoring the highest points. The game is released for free on Android and iOS. You can use the link below to download the game.


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