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Digimon ReArise 2.0.1 Apk Mod

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Digimon ReArise 2.0.1 Apk Mod

Digimon is familiar game to millions of gamers. It is originated from the manga of the same name. Digimon has developed into a lot of types such as anime, video games, toys, cards … There are many Digimon mobile games, most of them are successful. Recently, Namco continues to revive the passion of fans when it released a mobile game called Digimon ReArise.

Digimon ReArise continues to bring players into the world of virtual monsters, in which the players discover hundreds of Digimon, collect and train them to become champions.

Becoming a Digimon trainer

Digimon ReArise is a mobile RPG game with the original content of Digimon. Involved in the game, the players become a trainer on the way to find and collect the virtual monster (Digimon). In this version, after the game, you have a new Digimon named Erismon, which is like a porcupine. Like most of the Digimon in the game, Erismon is designed to be cute and friendly. This is a very curious Digimon, which will explore the mystery of the world Digimon. Erismon is a lightning Digimon that has special attack skills by Lightning Fur.

As mentioned, Digimon ReArise revolves around the fight between the virtual monsters and the journey of the player to find and tame new monsters. You have been a passionate coach with the Digimon. Your journey takes place around Digi-town, in which you interact with Digimon and participate in battles to catch and tame the new Digimon.

Exploring the Digimon world

Digimon ReArise brings you the hundreds of familiar Digimon. Digimon systems are very abundant. They are divided into systems with completely separate characteristics. They also affect each other. You need to know the attributes of the Digimon system to use the Digimon battle. The battles take place in real-time, in which you can directly select up to 5 Digimon to join in the 5V5 battle.

Like other Digimon mobile games, Digimon ReArise lets you level up your Digimon. After each upgrade, the strength and appearance of the Digimon will be improved.

Digimon ReArise also allows players to connect with other players around the world through the game’s social features, in which you can exchange Digimon, discuss gameplay and join battle with them. Digimon ReArise has a great 3D graphics with a familiar and friendly combat interface, allowing players to easily interact with Digimon. In particular, the designer, Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, the main designer of the Digimon Adventure series, will also be in charge of Digimon ReArise. It promises to bring a world Digi-Town like the original.


Digimon ReArise has been released for free on both Google Play and App Store in Japan. However, if you want to experience the game, we have updated the APK download link in this article. You can download and enjoy the game easily. Have a great game!

Main Features 2.0.1

■ A story about the friendship between tamers and Digimon
■ Interact with Digimon at Digi Town
■ 5v5 real time battles
■ Train and evolve your Digimon to Mega Stage!

Last Updated:2019-03-14


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