Dragon Mania Legends 4.4.0d apk mod

Dragon Mania Legends 4.4.0d apk mod

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Dragon Mania Legends 4.4.0d apk mod

Dragon Mania Legends is a farm-style game that combines a very interesting turn to the character of dragons, with each type of distinct power to be raised and domesticated to fight against the aggressive Vikings.

Dragon Mania Legends has a simple backdrop, and your main mission is to build a majestic land where to foster a mighty Dragon Army. In this colorful world will have the existence of about 100 types of dragons with different shapes and special skills.

Game Play

Dragon Mania Legends 4.4.0d apk mod

Dragon Mania Legends has a relatively slow and comfortable play rate, very suitable for relaxation. You choose the tasks and manage them, besides also managing your Dragon flock. Some tasks require a certain period of time to complete the world but you can completely shorten that time by using the gems.
The main currency used in the game is gold and gem. There are many ways for you to collect a lot of money that is completing the assigned task, stroking his dragons or buying in real money.
What about the matches? You will have to take a unit of energy for each time in the war, after using the end of the energy, of course, you cannot continue to fight anymore and you have to wait for this power tube to be filled , for about 15 minutes, a unit of energy will recover or you can use money to buy energy as well. This type of game is now very popular in the same gameplay genre. Maybe it will cause you to lag out of the middle, however, in Dragon Mania Legends, there are still many things for you to do in at ‘Killing time’.

Dragon Duel

Dragon Mania Legends 4.4.0d apk mod

Each battle will have a dragon involvement in both sides, each with a maximum of three dragons in the war and you can choose the dragons for your team. There are a number of ways for you to step into a match that is chosen from the taskbar or move to the battle area in the islands where there is a button that you can activate on it and start your battle. After winning the game, the player receives 1 to 3 stars to show the complete level of the match. You can also play again to reach the maximum number of stars if you haven’t satisfied.

The Dragons that you own will represent for an element in nature such as fire, water, wind,… and will also have all kinds of dragons bearing dual properties. Also, in Dragon Mania Legends survive the Dragon Tycoon (boss) that every time beating them, the player and the Dragons who take the fight will get a lot of experience points. And not only that, but you can also add more to your mighty Dragon Army to add more Dragon.

Life in the Kingdom

Dragon Mania Legends 4.4.0d apk mod

Perhaps there will be no one have free time to fight all the time so the Dragon Mania Legends also brings some ‘ games ‘ to you to busy during the non-combat. That is the management of your beautiful kingdom. You must always ensure the farm in the Kingdom of stable operation, from which to create food for the dragon flock and also need to make upgrades for the architecture to increase performance. In your free time, the Dragons can also be taken to train combat skills at Dragon Academy. The harvest of food or upgrading of housing types, the Dragon Cave requires time, usually a few dozen seconds or there are a few minutes.


In conclusion, the gameplay of Dragon Mania Legends is really not new but it is still a ‘dish’ in taste. The game impresses in the way the player nourishes and gives the dragon involved in combat while building the kingdom. Dragon Mania Legends don’t seem to have the downside, if any, then it sure depends much on the player’s feelings, like, or do not like the genre.


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