Dragon Pet Apk Mod

Dragon Pet Apk Mod

Upload: March 23, 2019
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Dragon Pet Apk Mod

Dragon Pet Apk Mod

Perhaps the raising of the dragon-hatching simulator game has been considered obsolete and even people have doubts about the success of these simulation games whenever a game company releases its own product. But Dragon Pet breaks all the limits and prejudices of gamers, if you still don’t believe it, then discover it right away?

Dragon Pet for Android is probably not much different from the dragon raising games that have been released before and how it can overcome the big shadows like School of Dragon, Dragon Mania Legends or Dragon City are all the things that gamers wonder. But, please change your thought because now is the time of Dragon Pet, along with the eagerness and curiosity that people are spending on the movie How to train your dragon is being shown right now, you can easily realise that the heat of dragon’s power has never been extinguished like a hidden fire in every dragon.

Dragon Pet Apk Mod

Dragon Pet will satisfy the desire to have a friend like the Elliot’s dragon so that you can experience the challenges as well as feeling the friendship between humans and ancient animals that are only in imagination. During the trip to explore the mountains, it is unexpected that when you pick up a giant egg right on top of the snow mountain, the support skills or tasks given will help players to accumulate points as well as help the egg can hatch into a dragon. With the 3D context elaborately built in the game, gamers will completely immerse themselves in the dragon land, each day witnessing their dragon friend grow up, become stronger and the possibilities have never been examined. Break or stand side by side in each battle to protect your own land.

Features in Dragon Pet

Like other dragon breeding games, players will have the main task of hatching dragons and raising them. Tracking, caring for your dragon to grow and evolve over time is really a very interesting thing.

An indispensable thing for your dragon to become strong is to bring them to the arena, against other dragons and become a great gladiator.
In addition to taking care and fighting, you can also participate in Dragon Pet mini-games to gain more experience as well as food and other items. Participating in these mini-games also helps you unlock and upgrade other special skills.

About graphics

It can be said that when raising virtual animals has become a trend, and the fact that virtual pet games have so much in the current game market, Dragon Pet is a new breath for this game when designed with map form. 3D graphics. Dragon Pet has made players truly satisfied with outstanding images, shadow effects, vivid and colorful light reflection.

In the virtual pet game market in general, Dragon Pet is a worthy of experience game. It was a well-designed game, both in graphics and the gameplay and story of the game. This is a game suitable for entertainment, especially for children at the age of 5-10.


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