Dragon Village 2 3.5.6 Apk mod

Dragon Village 2 Apk mod

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Dragon Village 2 3.5.6 Apk mod

Dragon Village 2 3.5.6 Apk mod

Dragon Village 2 is a tactical role-playing game from Highbrow – Korea, but different from others immersive games, Dragon Village 2 chose for itself the path of a “pet-training” label.

Dragon Village 2 is set in a world where the forces of Light and Darkness engage in a never-ending battle. Taking advantage of the miserable situation, the flock of hordes of heterosexuals invaded the world, threatening the safety of people all over the world. But fortunately, in the most dangerous moment, the heroes who carry the name of the early domestication of the dragon soon prevent it … and you will stand in their ranks …

Story of Dragon Village 2

Dragon Village 2 3.5.6 Apk mod
Dragon Village 2 will take each player to participate in the task of helping the dragon to nurture and train dragons to be able to participate in fighting to bring peace to the place. The player will be recounted by his two friends, Nuri and Jimon, about what is happening and ask if you are willing to help them, if you dare to confront tough challenges, log in the game account name and begin. The first dragon egg will be provided free to players, waiting for the eggs to hatch but if you want this process to become faster and not wait, you can use diamonds to grow eggs quickly.
The small dragon can quickly participate in combat missions to protect the villagers from the army of monsters, winning each level will help your dragon to gain bonus points to unlock the Item, Gem with the same system. Skill kit supports in store items. With the full equipment from a dragon you now have a very powerful dragon warrior, collect more dragon eggs through missions during the journey, make friends or team up. for assistance when needed.

Dragon Village 2 3.5.6 Apk mod

Dragon Village 2 brings gamers to the land ruled by mighty dragons and allows you to incarnate into talented vampires. There, players will own for themselves the dragon with numerous different attributes such as wind, fire, water .. have the opportunity to choose very freely in arranging the formation and the way to attack . In addition, each dragon that the player has control over can carry extremely essential support equipment such as claws to allow for execution of spells, magic stones enhance only blood or defense .. continue to help players have the motivation to explore and explore to make their “pet” grow.
But perhaps the “technical” details should be left behind because the battle field is what gamers crave to experience. The action mechanism of Dragon Village 2 takes the direction of turn-based role-playing games, where the two sides of the enemy will take turns to execute their attacks until one of them collapses. However, the dragon that you hold in your hand will have some advantages when you bring the ability to evolve into violent forms and the number of mighty skills to ensure the challenging level for the experience process.


The graphic continues to be another highlight of Dragon Village 2, where you will admire a colorful 2D painting, coordinating with the design style towards fun anime. This direction has proved the attraction and success for so many products from Korea when bringing a light, easy-to-access picture and honoring comfort for gamers’ enjoyment process .Overall, Dragon Village 2 is one of the cutest game you have ever know. You should think about trying it now specially you’re a fan of anime or cartoon, little cute things, …


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