Dragon Village 5.3.28 Apk Mod

Dragon Village 5.3.28 Apk Mod

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Download Dragon Village 5.3.28 Apk Mod 5.3.28

Dragon Village 5.3.28 Apk Mod

Dragon Village 5.3.28 Apk Mod

Build a village where hundreds of mighty Dragon species reside in the free Dragon Village simulation game. With care and development completely different from the farm animals that you often take care of, do players fulfill their mission when developing a strong village?



Dragon Village 5.3.28 Apk Mod

Mostly, players are familiar with farms with hundreds types of agricultural products and animals, or modern city buildings in the style of building games or developing restaurants. Most of the characters and content in the game are quite clinging to real life, honest simulation of activities in different aspects. In particular, game players can play many roles as farmers, architects, … to build and take care of their farms. So have you ever been a custodian and manager of a Dragon village area?

Missions in Dragon Village

Dragon Village 5.3.28 Apk Mod

Dragon Village is a simulation game that builds your one of a kind dragon village, something that has never been seen in this game. As a manager, you will have to create houses that are better said to be the living environment for the dragons, developing them to become the most powerful warriors to develop the abilities of each species. The player’s responsibility is much heavier when training dragons than simply planting trees and raising animals. The result after all your hard work is not aromatic fruits, agricultural products but that are Dragon with a majestic and intense appearance.

The number of Dragon is abundant

Dragon Village 5.3.28 Apk Mod

If you are a person who plays games of dragon farming, you will definitely know the different types of dragons that are divided differently and have a separate living environment. One of the important points of the game is that you have to choose suitable habitats for each species plus the process of nurturing to be able to help them bigger and bigger.

Choose habitats for each Dragon species

On a large plot of land in the village, the player has owned a Earth Dragon and some gold and dollars. The next task is to buy a Fire Dragon that can attack with fire. The choice of habitat have to be done the same time with the purchase of Dragon so that they can grow quickly. Use agricultural products to take care of the dragons that grow when hatched from eggs. Therefore, the construction of houses for farmers and the exploitation of plots next to cultivation to maintain life not only for the land but also for the Dragon species themselves. In order to speed up the production, construction or development of the Dragon, farm development must always be at the same time

Use beautiful strokes

During the game, you will have the opportunity to own more than 60 species of Dragon warriors with different strengths. Each Dragon species is a combination of 13 elements like Fire, Water, Electric, Earth,… and is purchased and unlocked according to regulations. The more power a dragon has, the more coins or dollars will be spent. When participating in each battle, which party owns more and more powerful Dragon warriors, the party will be surer of the chances of winning the battle. On the left side of the screen are the same tasks as the instructions for the game players to carry out during the village development. When completing a certain task, the gold coins or the star’s experience points will be transferred to the game fund of the game hands.

Develop the Dragon War village

In battles, the calculation of which type of Dragon to engage in and attack the opponent must also be studied carefully. Each Dragon has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. When you grasp those characteristics and use the power to destroy the enemy’s dead spots, the player’s Dragon battle will become the victorious warriors. The reward will be very much after each game if you are the winner. The money is used to unlock Dragon-types, build houses, decorations, and other necessary buildings to obtain a magical village that produces immortal Dragons.

Defeat the opponent’s Dragon in the Dragon Village’s battlefield
Become the teacher to nurture the legendary Dragon species, discover and learn the behavior of each type to build tactics from development to the right here.


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