Dragons of Atlantis apk mod

Dragons of Atlantis  APK MOD

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Dragons of Atlantis apk mod

Dragons of Atlantis apk mod

Dragons of Atlantis is an MMO game that talks about building and funding the leadership of a dragon empire that is gradually being destroyed.
Dragons of Atlantis is a strategy game genre developed from a web platform that is now on the mobile platform to rebuild a once-powerful dragon empire.
This special game is designed based on the basic idea of the same named game for Gaea’s web platform. However, this version has also been significantly reformed to add the appropriate features of the mobile platform, especially with regard to user interface system issues.

Dragons of Atlantis apk mod

The story in the game is intimately related and developed from an ancient legend more than 70 thousand years ago on the continent of Atlantis, the nations fell into a split-year state. War constantly, dragging the whole dragon into a round of fire. As the leader of a small tribe, you are entrusted with the task of restoring and uniting the continent under the help of faithful citizens and soldiers, outstanding generals and legendary dragons.
Specifically, the context in the Dragons of Atlantis takes place when the army of barbarians and demons rushes to attack and destroy the peaceful land. Gamers have the role to play the historical heroes to rebuild the city that has been buried, rediscover ancient wisdom and gather a dragon army to fight against invaders for the purpose of finally, to regain the historic land of Atlantis.

Dragons of Atlantis apk mod


Players will combine nurturing and training dragons to fight against the barbaric Anthropus army.
Starting from a small citadel, you will lead people to build a mighty empire, recruit soldiers and fight with other leaders scattered across the continent of Atlantis. However, the more you play, the more you will feel the depth of Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon.
You are allowed to choose one of the four major races: Solerians, Zolmecs, Primus, and Amazons. Basically, these races do not have many outstanding advantages or advantages, they are merely avatars for gamers to choose.
After training an elite core force, Dragons of Atlantis gamers will have to bring their powerful troops to invade other strongholds, bringing you honor and wealth. You are not alone in this world, so first find yourself a strong alliance to gather strength.

About features in Dragons of Atlantis

● Rebuilding the Atlantis empire: restoring the power and power of the ancient people.
● Search for dragon eggs to build mysterious 3D dragons with comprehensive interoperability.
● Customize sacred dragons, to fight with powerful dragon legions.
● Watch the story of the restoration of the Atlantis empire from the wild Anthropus.
● Build alliances with other players to plan and strategize in real time through live chat.

Graphics and sound

Dragons of Atlantis is designed on the basis of 2D graphics and impressive 3D dragons.

The game’s graphics are on par with the Kingdoms of Camelot. The graphical aspect of the game is really a great thing, the visual effects and motion are very realistic.
Sounds in Dragons of Atlantis sound very real. The voice, the sound of the destruction, the screams of the enemy are perfect, all adding to the feeling for the player.

Overall, Dragons of Atlantis is a good game in terms of both playing, sound, image and game story. This is a game worth your experience if you have the chance to play.


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