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Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven is an expansion of Dungeon Hunter 5, recently released by Gameloft, which continues to bring exciting and engaging adventures to players. When it is available as a mobile role-playing action game with beautiful 3D graphics and impressive gameplay, Dungeon Hunter Series is definitely the first name that we should mention. It officially released the first version since 2003, developed by Gameloft and released exclusively on Mobile, so far, although it has been through six different versions, the series is still a lot of success as well as the largest number of fan in the world.

Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven (Dungeon Hunter 6) APK for Android

Keeping up with its evolution, Gameloft recently revealed the next member of the series, it is Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven. It is known that this version is a completely new story but still fondly referred to as the name Dungeon Hunter 6.

Continue the adventure

Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven (Dungeon Hunter 6) continues to bring players to the mysterious world where humans and monsters live together, battles between the two factions seem to have no end. But with the support From Dark Lord, the monsters that take advantage of them. They are bringing the world into the risk of destruction. The player continues to reincarnate as a bounty hunter, embarking on a journey through vast and ghostly lands, wiping out the monster remnants and finding fame… and also revive the world.

The traditional gameplay of the Dungeon Hunter Series

Dungeon Hunter COH still follows the traditional gameplay of the games series. Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven brings gamers an action RPG with real-time battles, in which players control the Hero Hunter to engage in battle with the enemy. The game allows gamers to familiarize themselves with a traditional ARPG style. But it seems to be some elements from the Dark Souls series on PC / Console. In the first battles, you can see the main character is very easy to lose blood and often have to jump back and forth to avoid blows of the enemy. In addition, the character is constantly being stunned by enemies and causing different effects, causing the player to be much more careful when fighting. This pushes the challenge of Dungeon Hunter: Curse of Heaven to a completely different level that it requires gamers to choose the attack timing, not to attack arbitrarily. The game still focuses on the journey. Explore the main plot and some other exciting modes. However, one of the new game features is the Portal system along the way, in which players can face enemies in a different dimension.

Excellent 3D graphics

In terms of graphics, Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven is similar to Dungeon Hunter 5 with stunning 3D graphics. The world in the game is built from the 3rd perspective with the familiar mysterious scene or the old castle. You can feel the movement of the character, the combat effects or the impact of the weapon is well imitated… they are combined into a perfect game in every respect. In addition, the game can be played easily without the internet connection. Dungeon Hunter 6 also features a stylish animated cartoon style.


Curse Of Heaven continues to bring community features, in which players have their own bases and properties, battling with other players who truly create the bond between the Dungeon Hunter 5 community. You will always have a sense of anxiety about sudden attacks, put the defense between the hazards of the players, this shows the typical drama of multiplayer mode. The game also has elements that integrate into the social network, connect players with friends, chatting and many other features… so you do not feel lonely in the world of Dungeon Hunter.

Amazing small size

Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven was developed by the same people who created Asphalt Nitro and NOVA Legacy, but it has a very small size, it is just over 20MB of initial download. However, the game will update more features mean that capacity will also increase significantly.

Download Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven for Android

For those who own a basic mobile phone, Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven is a great option. Dungeon Hunter 6 is compatible with many old devices thanks to the maximum amount of game content.


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