Hungry Dragon 1.24 apk mod

Hungry Dragon 1.24 apk mod

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Hungry Dragon 1.24 apk mod

Hungry Dragon 1.24 apk mod

Hungry Dragon is a unique fun game released by producer Ubisoft. According to Hungry Dragon, this is a very ideal stress relief game when owning a simple play style of “big fish swallowing” of Feeding Frenzy series. Besides, the game also gets a bit more survival factor. This helped Hungry Dragon become an old and new game. Let’s take a look at the overview of this unique survival game series.

Attractive Background

Hungry Dragon 1.24 apk mod

Listening to the name, many people must have guessed the character model that was focused in this game. Yes, “dragon” is the main object mentioned primarily in the game. And when it comes to dragons, we will immediately associate myths that are only told in ancient tales of ancient times.
Therefore, in Hungry Dragon, players will be placed in the context of medieval times, the era when dragons are considered the fear of all humanity. In the same way, people, witches, goblins, animals, … will be clearly portrayed in the game. This makes Hungry Dragon extremely lively and mysterious when bringing players back to a world full of dangerous creatures full of dangers.

Use the power to satisfy hunger

Hungry Dragon 1.24 apk mod

In accordance with the name Hungry Dragon, player’s mission is to help the dragon satisfy hunger by eating all the things that appear in the eye. People, birds, animals, elves, … will be the favorite dishes of dragons. This operation is quite similar to the Feeding Frenzy when our job is to control the dragon flying to eat everything around. However, the difference is that dragons can fly anywhere on earth. They can fly up to the sky through the clouds or dive deep into the ocean.

There is also another interesting point that our dragons will have no limit to eating. So no matter how much you eat, your body size doesn’t grow. This is the difference between Hungry Dragon and Feeding Frenzy. The player’s task in the stages is to try to eat as much as possible. From there, collect gold, materials, and experience to unlock new dragon patterns.
However, not everything on the map can be eaten. Hungry Dragon’s food is also divided into different types. We can only eat animals that are medium or smaller than body size. On the same principle, dragon species are divided into different strains. Unlocking larger dragons will make the food more diverse.

Hunting all species but being attacked by hunger itself

Hungry Dragon 1.24 apk mod

As mentioned above, Hungry Dragon stands out by the simple play style when players only need to control dragons to hunt for food. But there is one feature that makes Hungry Dragon a new game, which is a survival factor. In Hungry Dragon, players will have to survive in a situation: “mastering all species but always afraid of hungry stomach”.
In addition to eating a lot to gain a lot of money and experience, the role of eating also helps the dragons survive the hunger that reigns in themselves. Specifically, there will be a bar called Life when the screen starts at the corner of the screen. This blood bar will measure the level of life of the dragon we control. Blood will slowly drop, with the eating of animals, the blood bar will be filled and ensure the lives of the dragons. However, the difficulty of the game will increase gradually as the later the speed of blood drop is faster.
Besides survival with a hungry stomach, we need to survive before the risk of being attacked by larger species. In fact, we are not the only dragon who dominates the sky, there are always other hungry dragons that are hunting like ourselves. Therefore, the risk of being attacked by larger dragons is inevitable. In addition, we have to fight with other giant creatures that dominate the ground. If you’re still a little dragon, don’t touch these big guys.
Besides, there is a good hunting tool that only dragons have, that is the ability to spray fire. When consuming a large amount of food, our dragon will spray fire and destroy all targets. This capability makes it possible to quickly clear the surrounding resources. However, we can only use fire to destroy the species we eat. But if the required conditions are met, Mega fire will be fired. At that time, we can destroy everything.

Highlighted by 3D graphics

A big plus for Hungry Dragon is the superiority of 3D graphics. All scenes in the game are built extremely detailed and beautiful. The actions of flying, spraying fire or eating prey of dragons are described very vividly. Environmental factors such as waterfalls, clouds or collisions collapse, etc. are extremely vividly reproduced, bringing a sense of the true game in a bright 3D perspective. This turns a destructive style game into simple and extremely fun.

Free game and extremely worth playing

In general, Hungry Dragon is an extremely valuable game, especially useful if you want to release stress or play to burn time. With fresh 3D graphics, according to which is simple gameplay, Hungry Dragon is suitable for all players of all different ages. Attractive music background combined with an extensive map with unlimited space makes players enjoy exploring new areas. The revitalized style of the game makes Hungry Dragon keep up with the trend.


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