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In the time of the survival shooter, role-playing and MOBA games, Identity V is not so new but it is still becoming a trend for those who love horror games on the mobile. The game has been released worldwide for free to download and play on Android and iOS platforms.

General introduction

Identity V is the latest game of NetEase. If you have ever heard of NetEase through “copy” of PUBG games, Identity V will give you another aspect of this developer. Unlike a survival game as Battle Royale style, Identity V is a horror game that combines with RPG elements. The game was released exclusively in China just a few months ago and it quickly became a trend. It was placed in the top 1 on the mobile game charts in the country. Thanks to these unexpected successes, NetEase has quickly completed and released the English version worldwide.

The horror gameplay combines with a bit of survival

Identity V is inspired by the gameplay and classic script of Dead by Daylight on PC. The story in the game opens after you – a detective, who receives a mysterious letter asking to investigate an abandoned manuscript and search for a lost girl. The mystery from the letter makes you curious and starts the investigation. However, when you get closer to the truth, the scary mystery is revealed that even you cannot believe.

As mentioned, Identity V has similar gameplay to Dead by Daylight. You are selected 1 of 2 sides to start the game including Survivors and Hunters. If you choose the side of the 4 survivors, Identity V will bring you the same experience as the survival horror game because you have to move and hide to escape from the murderer Every survivor will have some items like medkit, potions and things to survive. But they cannot have weapons means they cannot be able to attack enemies. Your ultimate goal is to find the generator to open the way to escape the forest.

On the other hand, if you choose to play the hunter, you will be immortal in a certain time. The task is to find and kill those who are hiding, preventing them from escaping by activating the generators on the map. The killer instinct allows you to spot other characters’ footprints if they have stepped into the forest. You can also select different characters with different characteristics and skills, not being confined to a single killer. There are currently 12 Survivors and five different hunters in the game. Each character has a hidden story so you will be exploring it during the game.

The control

Identity V offers a scientific and flexible control system, which is very easy to access and well suited for gameplay on small smartphones screen and on the tablet. The player needs to touch the character, swipe the finger on the screen to navigate or open the inventory to use the item. There is a mini-map in the top left corner where you can observe and locate your location or determine the location of the generator.

The graphics and sound

Identity V graphics easily impress the player. There are very few colours used in the game, mostly white and black, which creates the murky and scary atmosphere. The players of the game recognize the familiar scenes from movies such as Call of Cthulhu, Dead Silence, Year Of The Ladybug… The architecture is designed in the gothic style reminded me of European scenery at the beginning of the 18th century. Players will be immersed in the dark, scary, and whether you choose to become murderers or survivors. You will not know what will happen.


If you are bored with the game of Battle Ground style, Identity V will bring you more exciting new experiences. The thrilling game blends elements of survival, in which the players can discover a world of the fear. You can become a hunter or a survivor, based on your choice.

Identity V is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms. You can access the link we provide to download the game right now.


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