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Announced since last year, the mobile MOBA Inhuman Academy will be released by NetEase in June on both Android and iOS platforms. After a long period of development focused on the survival of mobile games like PUBG (Rule of Survival), or Fortnite (Project: Battle), finally, NetEase also released a new game with more unique features, more wonderful when it was a Moba on mobile. The product has named Inhuman Academy.

Some strange points

You can see the Heroes in the game are designed to create manga style, but their appearance is quite ridiculous and humorous. The game has gameplay as a Moba 5vs5, where each hero has different roles such as Assassin, Support, Mage, Ranger. Although developed by a company in China, you will be surprised by Inhuman Academy being voiced by many famous Japanese actors such as Sho Hayami, Natsuki Hanae and Osaka Ryota. Japan is a country of bizarre but interesting things, perhaps so that the Inhuman Academy has chosen the Japanese to dub their products.  In the game, you can see many familiar characters appearing in Manga and Manhua. Netease has removed the Manga and Manhua barriers to bring in a lot of interesting characters in Inhuman Academy.

Traditional MOBA Gameplay

MOBA Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games, most notably LOL Mobile, AOV 5vs5 …Inhuman Academy is a traditional mobile MOBA game; the game allows players to Select a favourite hero to participate in each match. Do not forget that the heroes in the game are divided into classes; each class will play a specific role in the game, so you need to select a hero to suit the team. For example, you should not choose Support when in The team has two.

Each match is played in real time, you combine with four other players to form a team, and fight in a created map. The mission of the team is to attack the opponent and destroy the main tower of the opposing team. During the battle, creeps will be shown on the map for the player to be killed, the heroes will unlock skills when reaching specific levels. Even so, the unique feature in Inhuman Academy is that your heroes can combine with forest creeps to unlock new skills.

Controls and graphics

If you are a fan of MOBA mobile, have played AOV 5vs5 or Mobile Bang Bang Legends, Inhuman Academy will not be difficult for you. The control mechanism in the game is easy to understand; you use the virtual joystick in the left hand to move or navigate your character. The opposite side is where you can use to command the attack heroes. Each of the Heroes in Inhuman Academy can equip three skills, so do not forget that the skills have Cooldown time – that is, after using a skill, you have to wait a few seconds to reuse it. In general, the movement of the characters in the game is very smooth, with no latency. You can easily control your character’s movement and attack enemies. It’s a great decision when Netease keeps The traditional way of navigating in the game, so you do not have to spend hours getting used to the button because they are designed and arranged quite similarly to other mobile MOBAs.

The graphics of Inhuman Academy are quite impressive, it makes me think of a MOBA game on PC. The characters in the game are designed in a cartoon style, somewhat freaky and funny. The sound in the game is quite good with the background music is epics, the voice of heroes is very clear.


As usual, battles in Inhuman Academy take place in real time, so you need the internet connection to be able to play. Inhuman Academy will be released on Android and iOS platforms. We will update the game download link immediately once it is officially released.





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