Maze: Shadow of Light

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Maze: Shadow of Light MOD –  a Classic RPG Game on Mobile

Maze: Shadow of Light is a mobile role-playing game released by AwesomePIG, which is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms. The game brings players to a fantasy world called Tera- land created by World Crytal – a product from the creativity of the God. The world of Tera is made of Light and protected by angels, but the balance is not preserved by the birth of the Angelus, they carry the blood of darkness, ready to serve. master and destroy everything from the Light. You will play a hero, fight the angels and bring peace to Tera, Choose one of three characters: Sina, Resiak, and Rai to start your adventure. Each character has its strengths and weaknesses, and its own skills are very useful in combat.

The in-game control system is very simple and easy to use, you use the joystick on the left to control the character moves, the right will be the button to attack, defense or skill. In addition to the attack key, you can equip four different skills to use, each with impressive effects and of course they have a cooldown time. Maze: Shadow of Light graphics really impress me, it reminds us of Bastion on a PC. The lands are beautifully designed and detailed, players can even interact with certain objects in the game such as destroying or moving them. The Adventure in the game is divided into stages, you need to complete all of them to unlock the new land. In addition, Maze: Shadow of Light brings a very interesting daily system, you should complete them to receive valuable rewards.

Maze: Shadow of Light key features:

  • Switch between 3 characters with different skills
  • 50 stages in a perfect plot
  • Unpredictable Maze Mode
  • Real-time battles with other players
  • The Huge equipment system allows customization for your character
  • Complete your adventure and save the world.
  • Connect your Facebook or Google account to play with your friends


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