Download Dark Facebook/Messenger (Theme Mod) on Android

May 22, 2018 at 3:34 pm

Facebook is one of the biggest technology corporations in the world, with only two main products including Facebook and Messenger. This company shows the ability to predict the technology trends worldwide when it comes to providing a social network, which can work on any platform. It allows all the people using equally. Facebook and Messenger have become the “must-have” apps of millions of mobile users. Some manufacturers have set Facebook into their smartphones before selling them, which proves to be a big influence for Facebook in the smartphone industry as well as mobile programming.

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About Facebook App/Facebook Messenger

Facebook app / Facebook Messenger works as a mini-society where users can interact with a lot of other people, make friends, communicate, share videos and photos. Understanding its importance, in addition to the official version, Facebook also launched the application of Facebook lite and messenger lite, which are considered a shortened version of the app. They are used for low-level devices or for those who love simplicity. Since it’s separate from Facebook, Messenger works as a semi-independent platform (using a Facebook account to log in), whether you want it or not, the messenger is the only tool you can text your friends on Facebook. It can be said that all the Android devices can use Facebook app. However, there is something that we feel missing. From the beginning of the app development, Facebook has taken the theme of blue-white colours (the reason given is the boss of Facebook colour blindness), which makes the unique feature of Facebook. But it makes many people feeling bored. I bet that most people use Facebook for a few minutes or even longer before bedtime. The interface with a white background makes you eyed quickly strain, which will hurt your eyes. What is the simple solution here? That is changing the look of Facebook to the dark background. We are talking about Dark Themed Facebook and Dark Themed Messenger.

What is Dark Themed Facebook/Messenger?

Facebook / Messenger Dark are the moded applications made by Near_07 – a member from XDA. If you want to find out more about the useful apps from this forum, you should refer to Navigation Gestures Premium Add-On. Based on the platform from the latest version of Facebook and Messenger, he has made the mod that allows changing the application background from white to black. Of course, the font will turn white, and everything is simply white. You can look at the images below to evaluate the change. Of course, Facebook Black is completely safe to install. In addition to eye protection, Dark Themed Facebook also saves battery on AMOLED screen. Besides, this version is also the full function of the “bright” version from Facebook. However, due to the mod, the users installed the app through the APK file so the application will not support updating in the future when Facebook update the new version through the Play Store. You need to note this issue before installing or visit our website to get the latest version when updates are available.

How to download and install Black Facebook/Messenger:

Black Facebook is a third party application that you cannot install from the Play Store. You have to use the APK file we provide. The operation is very simple that you just follow the steps below:

Uninstall the existing Facebook and Messenger applications (Note that some devices require root to do this). Then Download all APK files of Facebook and Messenger Dark (Mod Theme) by the link that we have provided.

If you use a PC to download, you need to connect the device to your PC to transfer the file to the device memory. When you have your application’s APK file, you can use the File Manager to access the downloaded file and install.

If you see the message displayed as shown, this is normal and can be easily fixed.

You can access: Settings> Security> Enable “Unknown Sources” option.

Now, you can install the application as usual and wait for the installation process to complete. You will see Dark Facebook and Dark Messenger displayed in App drawer.

After finish installation, you can log in to Facebook and Messenger to enjoy the dark interface. Of course, you do not forget to grant access to applications that will not restrict features.



Facebook is an interesting application, which is considered as a mini-society where you can do anything you want except for changing its interface. Facebook probably thinks that this is not necessary, but I am sure they have mistakenly used the Facebook Dark Theme to allow you to use this application in dark conditions, which ensures that your eyes are protected. However, this is only a temporary solution. We suggest that you should not use the Facebook app in the dark condition. You should use the sleeping light to keep the eyes from fatigue when using the application in a long time. Wish you have a great time!


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