PUBG Mobile Tutorial: The secret to being the last survivor on the Miramar Desert Map

May 19, 2018 at 7:39 am

Miramar desert map is finally available in PUBG Mobile. Miramar is a map that prioritized the fighting element than tactics, in which you should seek and destroy your opponent rather than hiding because the terrain in this map is not suitable for hiding. You will need the tricks to becoming the last survivor. Today, we will guide you a few tips to be able to win the game on this map.

PUBG Mobile: How to survival on Miramar Desert Map

The following tips focus primarily on the early stages of the game when new PUBG Mobile players start parachuting on the map. This survival tactic in the first phase will give you a big advantage to the end of the game. However, in order to win the game, you will need more elements such as playing skills and a little luck.

Normally, the first stage of the game is always the most stressful time, when your opponents are the most. But this is the most balanced time. At this time, you will only be looking for equipment and weapons, and then you should create a rational strategy that matches your position. Your weapons and equipment should be available to start conquering the whole map.

In addition, these tips not only apply to the desert map but also to the Erangel map.

Selecting a good position and land on it as fast as possible

Speed is the starting key of every game. You should land as fast as possible. Do not waste your time waiting on the plane and think of the position, which other players are going to parachute on. Instead, you should think in advance about where you want to jump the most and when you will be near that location. You do not need to mention much about the parachute experience, you should jump before reaching the right distance to the point you want, do not wait until the plane moves there and then jump.

Big city – better looting location

It is almost a common rule in PUBG that the cities, residential areas and military bases have been the most “loot” locations. These are also hot spots with many players choosing to land, so you have to be very careful. As soon as landed, your top priority is finding weapons.

If you are a newbie to PUBG Mobile and do not have much experience or do not want to end the game too early, you should choose other safer places such as small houses on the side of the road. It will be safer but less “good equipment. However, you can risk going to the city to find many attractive rewards, it is up to you.

Watch out!

When you have landed on the ground, you should go around for checking out a loop. You should pay your attention if there is any opening building or not. Be very careful when going into these buildings because there are probably already other players inside. You should check the other players who get near you and listen to the nearby gunfire. If you are parachuting, try to count how many parachute jumpers down the area and remember their positions.

In addition, when you are ready to go, you can swipe on the screen to look around to determine the location of other players who landed near you.

As soon as you land on the ground, in addition to trying to find the weapon as fast as possible, do not take your eyes off the sky because there are probably quite a lot of players are floating in the air. These are usually the easiest targets to take because you are the first one getting the weapon (s) that are ready in your hand while they have nothing when they touch the ground.

You may know that many PUBG Mobile players die from the beginning of the game while trying to loot items such as aid kits, armor, helmets, or even consider whether the UMP or M16 is better.  You should try to pick up any weapon. At the beginning of the game, when the player is not protected with level-3 armor, level-3 helmet, a shotgun or pistol can also be your stronghold.

Searching for a car if it is possible

Not all parachute phases are perfect. You may have a good plan, but when you do it, you may realize that there are 50 other players share the “big idea” with you. Either you get a message from a girlfriend or lose focus for any reason, you missed 30 seconds. Let’s find out and take a car then drive as far as possible.

Move to buildings and cities that are far from the first point. You will have more loot opportunities and safer because there are fewer players there. When the circle appears, you can drive back to the play area in a short time.


The above is the great tips to help you in the process of playing PUBG Mobile. You do not need to fully comply with these things. However, it is something you should know to apply when necessary. In order to win the game, it depends on a lot of things. The more you play, the more the experience you will get.


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