PUBG Mobile Update: The new features in version 0.5.0

May 17, 2018 at 5:10 pm

According to Tencent publisher, PUBG Mobile has just had the latest 0.5.0 update, which is introducing some new features and bug fixes from the last version, promising a more casual experience for mobile gamers. This PUBG Mobile is perfecting and becoming the best survival game, which has been attracting the most players.

The new features

The first new feature is the Miramar, which is a desert map consists of vehicles and new weapons. This map does not support Arcade mode (but it may be changed in the next updates).

The second, the developer has added new quests to the game – offering rewards when you level up (corresponding to each quest you receive the corresponding reward). The new quest opens when you pass the level and play the game constantly. These new missions also provide BP (money in the game). Although you still cannot share or exchange BP with other players, BP is still very useful and necessary.

The third, another new feature is fast pairing based on the position matching. If there are people nearby you also play PUBG Mobile, you can enter 6-digit code to play with them. With this feature, the game promises to bring new experiences, speed up the connection to the game.

Finally, the update includes chat channels with different languages and means of collecting rewards for each level you achieve in Season 2. There has a shop that allows you to preview and buy costumes and faces or Secret Stash (a secret shelter) to help you buy special discount items.

Note: the update does not include the ability to select a region, select a flag, and the first person view. According to Tencent, the above features may be added later but it does not specify the time.

The update is over 700 MB. If you have not installed PUBG Mobile, you can download the game, here.


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