Space Armada: Star Battles 2.1.330 apk mod

Space Armada: Star Battles 2.1.330 apk mod

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Download Space Armada: Star Battles 2.1.330 apk mod 2.1.330

Space Armada: Star Battles 2.1.330 apk mod

Space Armada: Star Battles 2.1.330 apk mod
Space Armada: Star Battles is a multiplayer space combat simulation game. Each player will play the reward boat of a battleships, find and shoot down the remaining players.
In Space Armada, you will play the captain of an interstellar patrol spacecraft. Your fleet begins its patrol of the galaxy with a small patrol ship, but as your space base grows, you will be able to control more warships and even space cruisers. Super large, improve the ability to patrol and shoot down unwanted intruding objects.
Start with a small patrol ship, but when your base grows and completes, you will command massive warships and super heavy spacecraft. Fighting in a burning galaxy with opponents is really one of the fierce battles that the multiplayer mode: Space War brings, along with battles, you will gain experience and rewards to Develop and perfect your space fleet.Space Armada: Star Battles 2.1.330 apk mod

Warship system

The system of warships in the game is very diverse with more than 20 different types of warships, all with their own abilities and features, including Predator, Phoenix, Olympus, Soul Catcher, and many others. Your device, add turrets, missiles, and special weapons!
Besides, there are more than 6 types of classic warships, from small to large scale, diversifying the choice of warships for players.
With different colors, and more than 100 choices of weapons, integrated warship upgrade system, players can easily upgrade, refurbish and personalize warships according to their character and style their own way.


Space Armada: Star Battles 2.1.330 apk mod

Controlling the ship in the Space Armada through a virtual analog stick is very simple, along with a panoramic view from the sides of the ship (through direct finger swipe on the device’s screen, you can adjust the angle), you can easily track the actions of the surrounding ships, thereby finding ways to shoot down or evade effective bullets.
The shooting method is also very simple, with simple aiming and shooting actions that have been concretized through function keys, making the game not too complicated for amateur players, easily accessible. more players.


Space Armada: Star Battles 2.1.330 apk mod

Space Armada graphics are really attractive because the space simulation of Azer Interactive Games Limited feels very authentic. They are not only attracted by the authenticity of space stations and asteroids but also due to the real and details the spaceship is, that’s also the game’s soul.
The effect in the game is enough for players to feel the fierceness that the battle brings, Flaming bullets, scenes of enemy ships being shot down and exploding between endless space, … really bring Exciting feeling for players.
The bar in Space Armada is really a strong point of the game. With the rhythm of the background music, players really like to step into the fiery match going on. Your authenticity and emotion will peak when you experience the sound of the game with headphones or stereo speakers. The combination of the game’s graphics and sound shows the success of Azer Interactive Games in finding and promoting the player’s fighting feelings.

Space Armada: Star Battles is a worth experiencing for weekend evenings with friends, it deserves to be in the wish-list of any passionate gamer.


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