Survival Mobile: 10,000 BC

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Survival Mobile: 10,000 BC is a fun strategy game for mobile, bringing us back to the Stone Age. In which, we can explore continents with players around the world in the real time.

Let’s start a journey back to the Stone Age when primitive people and giant beasts lived. Join the Survival Mobile game: 10,000 BC for Android, you will hunt ancient monsters, experience the primitive hunting festival, collect resources, train warriors, discover monuments, conquer the clan and become the most respective Arch-Chief. You can form the alliance for looting, expanding and occupation. Only those who are brave and have new resources can dominate the continent.

Key features of the game:

A strategy game in real time

Like Clash of Clans or Braw Star, in Survival Mobile: 10,000 BC, players can create clans and develop, manage their members or join other clans created by other players in the world. You can gather the beasts that only appear in ancient times, wake up the potential leadership in you and lead the warriors to win the battle and complete the expedition to the land, Arch-Chief. All activities in the game take place in real time, so you will not be able to skip any process. Surely, it requires you to constantly connect to the network while playing the game.

Wonderful Unity3D HD graphics

Survival Mobile: 10,000 BC is built on the latest Unity3D HD platform, delivering great gaming experiences, unique gameplay characters, and scenery right on mobile devices. Ancient buildings are also very detailed with snow mountains, tents made from dinosaur bones.

Players can easily zoom in or out of the game with two fingers (exactly the same as the Clash of Clans), which allows you to observe the whole battle from above or easily manipulate the architectures in your base.

Join the Global Server

There is no regional division, no matter where you come from, you can play with millions of players around the world, compete for the relics, pursue the glory of Arch-Chief and build your own Empire. The ancient relic of Arcane, treasure with endless wealth, whether you have the ability to win it. Everything is not easy. In addition to attacking your opponents, you will face the hard weather conditions, which can make your army suffer heavy losses. Survival Mobile: 10,000 BC is a fierce battle between ancient creatures and primitive warriors. Different dinosaurs, ancient beasts and warriors are under your control.

Barbarians carry bloodthirsty instincts, who never flinches, even when they have to face Behemoth – the pride of the clan. The Slingers are a very useful unit. They are capable of skillfully throwing stones with high damage and removing all obstacles in the battle. Dinosaur Riders are fast-paced dinosaurs, with axes and arrows, bringing death to the opponent. Ancient Behemoth: From small wild pigs, giant mammoths to 3-horns dinosaurs and other ancient creatures, will liberate your imagination.


Survival Mobile: 10,000 BC (Mod) is a truly addictive real-time strategy game for you to download and experience. It is free to play on Android and iOS. If you have ever loved strategy games such as Clash of Clans, Castle Clash … Survival Mobile: 10,000 BC is such a game that you should not miss.


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