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Tales of Gaia – the most impressive mobile game in the world. Tales of Gaia is an open world, which has brought great fun for gamers. The game brings beautiful images, attractive gameplay. It is really worth waiting for so long. Tales of Gaia is highly rated and has millions of downloads in the world.

Tales of Gaia – The latest mobile RPG for Android

If you know the famous publisher, Snail Game, which has planed the mobile game Tales of Gaia for 12 years, you can also predict the “monumental” of it. Snail Game publisher has a lot of game titles like Taichi Panda, Nine Heroes… This is a prestigious publisher, which has received the expectations of many people.

Initially, this game was the full name: Dark and Light: Tales of Gaia. The real game began to develop in 2004 and undergo a lot of changes and upgrades, especially in graphics with the platforms that are always up-to-date.

The highlights of Tales of Gaia:

The open world of Tales of Gaia will make you immerse yourself in the game experience. The game has a Western background but it has legendary colors with dinosaurs or winged horses. What is particularly interesting is that the publisher has added delight to bring both Western culture and ancient cities like Warcraft. It seems that the Snail Game wants to challenge the legendary Warcraft game. The third generation of high-tech graphics, combined with automatic lighting, brings the real feeling that makes the world super-open. Tales of Gaia is extremely realistic and grand. Surely, you will experience a super game on your smartphone.

In addition, the player will also feel the familiar touch interface from the character to the control buttons, large maps, small map…

Attractive features:

With daily sign-up, bonus features and attractive interface, Tales of Gaia has become the standard of the MMO series. At present, the game has increased the number of races from 3 to 4. In addition to the attractive PvE features, you can join guilds, hunt bosses to collect treasures and conduct the fight against attractive PvP to players all over the world.

Time to download Tales of Gaia!

The game is compatible with many popular operating systems such as Android, iOS … received the very high rating and has millions of downloads in the world.


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