UNKILLED - Zombie FPS Shooting Game 2.0.2 Apk Mod

UNKILLED – Zombie FPS Shooting Game 2.0.2 Apk Mod

Upload: March 10, 2019
Updated: March 10, 2019 at 6:31 pm
File Size: 27M (v2.0.2)
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Download UNKILLED - Zombie FPS Shooting Game 2.0.2 Apk Mod 2.0.2

UNKILLED – Zombie FPS Shooting Game 2.0.2 Apk Mod

UNKILLED - Zombie FPS Shooting Game 2.0.2 Apk Mod


Story game

The story begins in New York City, the center of the latest wave of zombie outbreaks in the world. You play as Joe – a member of the anti-zombie organization WOLFPACK, an established private military organization to search, track and eliminate zombie threats before it spreads across the globe.

UNKILLED - Zombie FPS Shooting Game 2.0.2 Apk Mod


It’s simple – choose your weapon, join the available missions, kill all the zombies, save the survivors, or everything you can do to push back the dead. Receive rewards, upgrade your weapons, fight, the in-game loop is all there is, with only one reason to repel that zombie wave.


UNKILLED - Zombie FPS Shooting Game 2.0.2 Apk Mod

Unkilled use the same control system as in Dead Trigger 2. Because of that, players can move characters and shoot Zombie hordes very easily. Along with that are 3 complementary skills are displayed in the right corner of the touch screen, one to heal, one to strengthen and the last to support extreme firepower from long-range missiles.
In this way, the screen does not clutter with the variety of function buttons and limits the movement of fingers too much while on duty.
In addition, it is comfortable when your weapon automatically shoots when zombies are in range.
The game’s control system makes it easy for players to get used to the game, and the convenience for those who have played for a long time.


UNKILLED - Zombie FPS Shooting Game 2.0.2 Apk Mod

With the image quality is not too excellent but Unkilled still gives players a nice appearance. They recreated the streets of New York City with their overwhelming looks, with the sun and other colors of success. Maybe Unkilled graphics are not so beautiful, but all that the game offers is commendable.
There is also an option to manually adjust image quality if you experience trouble reducing the frame rate when high quality.

Weapons, Energy and Support items

Everything in this game is expensive. There are some weapons that will not allow you to use it until you upgrade them, or buy higher level weapons. As you can imagine, the reward for completing the task is small when compared to the price of weapons and power.
The game has two in-game currencies – money and gold. You use the money to upgrade or buy weapons and you need gold to speed up the upgrade. You also need gold to buy power, and these things are really expensive. Maybe not in every mission, but sometimes I find myself cornered, so the automatic missiles destroy a bunch of zombies is a necessity.

Items supported in Unkilled have many types. As adrenaline injections slow down time and help you increase your goals, so you get more headshots when affected. They also make the surroundings around gray and the zombies turn red, so it’s easier to aim at them.
The medical kit helps you improve your health when you are injured, but missiles are a must when you confront bosses.

Unkilled has been one of the best titles, it’s worth. So why don’t you go to the Google Play or App Store and try it now?
Plus: It’s free.


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