War Heroes: Strategy Card Game for Free apk mod

War Heroes: Strategy Card Game for Free apk mod

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File Size: 100M (v2.9.5)
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Download War Heroes: Strategy Card Game for Free apk mod 2.9.5

War Heroes: Strategy Card Game for Free apk mod

War Heroes: Strategy Card Game for Free apk mod

War Heroes: Strategy Card Game for Free apk mod

War heroes: Strategy Card game for Free is known as a famous game of Fun Game For Free with more than 5 millions installations on around the world.

To win this game when you’re just newbie, you must read all the things written below.

First, you have to know about the card system in War Heroes

War Heroes has a total of 40 cards, divided into four types: Common, Rare, Epic and Hero. Common and Rare cards will be unlocked at the early stage of the game while Epic and Heroic will be unlocked at a higher level. Each card will consume a certain amount of energy points for the military to deploy. Using the lower level card in War Heroes to play against other high-level card(s) is the common way in this game, because you’ll have the advantage of power over competitors.

All the important tips are in the Tips section, it show you the way using some troops effectively and provides new players useful tips on maximizing their winning rate.

To win War Heroes, you must get more stars than your opponent and if the enemy’s Bunker is destroyed Cancel, the player will be awarded 3 stars and the match will end immediately.

If the player has the same number of Stars, the match will start with 2.5 minutes length. When starting the sub-match, the first player to score a point wins.
You will receive the same number of Badges whether you win with 1 Star or 3 Stars.

First attack

War Heroes: Strategy Card Game for Free apk mod

The player should wait for the full energy bar before attacking. If possible, waiting for the enemy to deploy first, then you’ll know what strategies good for you. Use the 2-Energy card to kill the 4-Energy one. This strategy always helpful.

Use your energy effectively

Each card has a value of energy costs. In order to have an advantage in energy, using a Card or a Card combination with lower cost than what your opponent plays.
Main fundamentals:

Do not waste energy! You start the battle with 5 energy and get 1 Energy after 2.8 seconds. Each Card in the game except Generals consumes a specified amount of Energy at the corner of the card. Every time you use the Card, your Energy will run out. You can only deploy the Card when you have enough energy. After 60 seconds of fighting, energy production will accelerate, 1 energy will be generated every 1.4 seconds.
Always plan your army deployment! It is very important to start slowly, create good trade-offs with energy, and deal with good energy.

Avoid consuming energy to destroy weak targets. For example, if an enemy creates a Rifle for 3 Energy, these Rifles will deal 200 damage to your defenses before they are destroyed. Instead of creating your own army to fight them, just save Energy and make a big push on your enemy then and clear his defense.

Attack and defense

War Heroes: Strategy Card Game for Free apk mod

Always let your energy bar reach 10 when starting a battle.
It is very useful to get more Energy. When your troops take longer to go to the enemy’s side, you can easy to make a wave of tough troops.
Focus on destroying a defense building at the same time. You should destroy the building with the lowest HP first, then switch to attacking the higher one.

Remember to combine cards, make a huge stroke. For example, a card like Cruiser Tank is not a single threat because tanks move very slow and can be removed by any high damage unit easily.


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