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Upload: December 30, 2017
Updated: November 2, 2018 at 10:19 am
File Size: 318.5 MB (v1.2.26)
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Download WWE Mayhem Mod APK 1.2.26

Android version of the most engaging wrestling game on mobile has officially been released for free. Download WWE Mayhem APK now and participate in the exciting and thrilling WWE matches.

WWE Mayhem APK Mod download for Android

In WWE Mayhem, you will play one of the world’s greatest fighters like John Cena, The Rock, steps up to the ring, defeat all of your opponents and win the championship. Join the WWE Mayhem for Android, you will feel the game has bigger content, stronger gameplay, more fun action than any previous wrestling game.

Players will transform into one of the most famous wrestlers in the world such as John Cena, The Rock, Brock Lesnar and many WWE legends and favorite superstars in this arcade action game. Take them to the arena and advance to higher levels in WWE RAW and the SmackDown Live challenges are held weekly. Play through strong matches between WWE legend and WWE superstars to determine who is the strongest of all time. Each person has a particular type of attack, a special strength.

WWE Mayhem Mod features:

  • God Mod and High Attack/1 hit kill
  • Full Energy
  • Unlimited Money

Key features of WWE Mayhem for Android:

The list of top wrestlers WWE Mayhem.

Choose the WWE superstars and WWE legends like John Cena, The Rock, Andre the Giant, Triple H, Xavier Woods, AJ Styles, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Undertaker, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Jinder Mahal, Kalisto, Big E and more. Each of them has their own special character and makes your unforgettable gaming experience.

Different character classes

Enhanced WWE action with 6 special character classes including Brawler, High Flyer, Powerhouse, Technician, Wildcard and Showman. Make a great WWE fighter squad because each character class has unique strengths and different fighting advantages.

Join the team and weekly events:

Build up the list of mighty WWE superstars and join forces with other champions in team battles. Play action events that are synonymous with real-world WWE events such as Night Night Raw, SmackDown Live, Clash of the Champions PPV and monthly Title events.

Inverting the game

An overturned time can help you invert the game from the loss to win. Build a special attack time during the confrontation and use it as a particularly brutal action. However, you should be careful because opponents can still overturn this tactic.

Play with friends in events and versus modes

Build your team with your favorite WWE superstars and challenge your friends in Versus Mode. Experience the next level by adding legendary, WWE stars to your team.

Amazing prizes

Fighting to win unique prizes! Open up your Lootcases to unlock the new character, gold, complementary, even WWE stars at higher levels.

Basic Control for WWE Mayhem:

  • Tap for Light Attacks
  • Swipe right for Strong Attacks
  • Tap and Hold to Block
  • Tap and Hold and Release to charge Attack
  • Attacks to build special Energy then you can activate the Special Move.
  • When your opponent activates the “Special Move”, if your “Special Move” is stronger than his, you can quickly activate it to attack the opponent.

Learn about the look and feel of the game:

  • Home: Where to display the basic information of the player, the list of gifts will appear.
  • My Superstar: From here you can View and Upgrade your Superstar, just tap the Superstar you want to upgrade, then select the material to upgrade him.
  • Story: The main gameplay mode, the game’s story is divided into seasons, each season contains Episodes, you must complete all Episodes to unlock the next season. There are 3 levels of the game: Beginner, Normal and Hard
  • Versus: In here you can battle against other players, win match to earn the versus loot case and earn respect points
  • Events: Where to show all Event of the game in real time. (Unlock at Level 5)
  • Alliance: Comming soon

Note: The WWE Mayhem for Android game is provided for download and play for free. However, some items can be bought with real money in the game. You can restrict in-app purchases by making adjustments in the store’s settings.


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